he Entrance Hall

he Entrance Hall surprises visitors who enter it because of its impressive proportions, and of the contrast with from the strict architecture of the Embassy’s exterior. Enhanced by the light entering through the glass wall, the Entrance Hall could have a serious appearance, with its solid and square appearance, and its concrete ceiling, if this architecture had not been covered in materials, all originating from France, that soften it considerably : Ochre travertine from Saint-Quentin for the walls, and burgundy green marble for the floor. The very large stairs, of a rounded form, also diminish the austere impression, and is, for its part, in burgundy pink marble.

The Entrance Hall

Other than the furniture, which offers a colourful décor in the style of the 1930s, the room is ornamented with tapestries by Marcel Gromaire (1892-1971), representing the four seasons : winter in Canada, spring in Paris, summer in Saint-Malo. The fourth, which represents autumn in Quebec, is exposed in the Ambassador’s private quarters. These tapestries add a supplementary touch of colour, which doesn’t leave the visitor with an impression of austerity, and emptiness like rooms of vast dimensions often do, but rather, it leaves the visitor with an impression of harmony and space.

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