he Smoking Room

Detail of the white birch bark

This little salon, originally destined to be a smoking room, was supposed to be covered in woodwork of different scents (red cedar, strips of sandalwood). Impacted by the astonishing appearance of the white birch bark, Eugène Beaudouin had the walls and ceiling of the room covered in it, which was then given the name Birch Room, in concurrence with the Smoking Room. The pillars are dressed in red cedar. The chimney, in white stone, is surmounted by a large mirror that doubles the volume of the room, and reflects the superb view of the Gatineau forest.

The Smoking Room

The canapé, and the leather armchairs are a creation by Hughes Chevalier in Paris. The maple table, low tables in glass and chrome, re-issued from Eileen Grey (1878-1976) and the magnificent chandelier in bronze and in red copper complete the furniture. The “hurricane” carpet was specially woven on an original drawing from the artist André Masson.

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