he Round Salon


ndré Bizette-Lindet, who created the three terra cotta panels in honour of Saint Louis, Joan of Arc, and Roland, the knight, decorated this room.

The main panel, above the chimney, represents the Battle of Roncevaux where, in 778, perished Count Roland, one of the Knights of Charlemagne.

The second panel is consecrated to Louis IX (1226-1270):
Rendering justice from under the oak, Saint Louis is surrounded by allegorical themes : the wars that he led, the construction of the Holy Chapel, the construction of the Aigues-Mortes harbour, his disagreements with the Pope. The boats evoke the two crusades in which he participated, in 1248-1249, and the fatal one, in 1270.

The last work tells the story of Joan of Arc:
Joan, shepherdess, and later chief of war, leading to the corwning of Charles VII’s crowning in Reims. The whole was created at the factory of Sèvres.

On the floor, a round carpet, the tones of which are reminiscent of the terra cotta panels, were specially woven for the Embassy at the workshop of Raphaël, decorator in Paris. Raphaël also signed in the 1950s, especially for this Salon, the Beka lacquered furniture, made in a rounded form.

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