(1906- )

irst Grand Prix of Rome for sculpture, at 25 years old (1931), gold medal at from the Salon in 1936, Bizette-Lindet most often created works of most often of a monumental style done in marble, granite, slate, bronze, iron, ceramic, and enamelled sandstone.

Bizette met Beaudouin at the Villa Médicis. He was requested to decorate the Round Salon at the Embassy of France in Canada. Bizette was in perfect harmony with Beaudouin, and devised his work for Ottawa in his Parisian salon.

In 1939, he participated in the International Exposition in New York. He created a number of sculptures in and outside of France.

Amongst his works :
- The large low relief of the salle des séances at the Palais de l’Europe in Strasbourg.
- Collaborated in the reconstruction of Saint-Malo.
- Statue of the King at the cathédrale de Reims.
- Memorial for the Australians who died for France.
- Memorial for the martyrs of the Resistance at Lille, Chauny.
- The high-altar of the cathedral.
- The tribute to Jean Bart at Dunkerque.
- Decoration of a salon in the Palais de l’Élysée.


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