rief Chronology

September 1928
The first French diplomatic representative, Jean Knight, arrives in Ottawa.
June 1930
Jean Knight finds the Blackburn land.
The Blackburn property, at 62 Sussex drive, is bought. The credits are voted on November 30th, 1931. The bill of sale is signed December 30th, 1931.
Provisory installation of the offices of the chancery in the ancient Blackburn house.
14 July 1936
Placing of the first stone by the Canadian Prime Minister, Mackenzie King.
Enlargement of the land. The French state buys the neighbouring property belonging to the Lemay family, and acquires, for one symbolic dollar, a narrow strip of land along the Ottawa River, belonging to the provincial government. The Blackburn and Lemay houses are destroyed.
The Ambassador, the Count of Dampierre, announces, over the radio, the installation of the French diplomatic mission in the new local, which would serve as both residence and chancery.
4 January 1939
Official inauguration of the Embassy.
Retour à l'accueil